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GayleForce on Rogers TV talking about the benefits of stretching

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Feel younger with the magic of stretching ― greater mobility, better functionality, enhanced performance, and less joint pain.

Stretch Your Life, brought to you by Gayle Boxer Duncanson. Gayle is the founder and owner of GayleForce fitness with over 30 years of teaching experience. Gayle believes the best thing we can do for our bodies is stretch.  

Gayle Boxer Duncanson, gives simple yet fun, stretching exercises for everyday use. Over 100 photographs to detail exactly how to do each stretch.

Gayle Boxer Duncanson has taught Pilates, Stretch, Ball and Weight classes at her studio in Toronto for over 35 years. It was Gayle who brought both dancersize and pilates to Toronto from New York, where she began her career as a fitness instructor. It was in New York in the early 80s that she became a registered pilates instructor.  Gayle’s biography tells us that she graduated from the National Ballet School and began her own dance school. In the language of previous chroniclers of her career “she proceeded to — not just blaze a trail through Toronto’s fitness community — but to actually light the match.” Gayle was among the first to teach fitness in the City. Gayle’s preoccupation with the body and muscles remain the key to her practice in a time of the ever-growing predominance of “exercise” and “jogging”. She is concerned about the amount if running and working out people do without stretching to protect the muscles. 


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